National Youth Day (12.01.2020): National Youth Day is celebrated every year on 12th January to commemorate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, the maker of Modern India; VKNRL School also celebrated National Youth Day with great joy, enthusiasm. The theme of National Youth Festival for the year 2020 is “Fit Youth Fit India”.

The auspicious programme was started at 10 am with teen omkarmangalacharan and felicitation of the chief guest of the event Mr Bhaskar Kakoty, Professor Golaghat Commerce College, Golaghat followed by the welcome address given by Mrs.Kabita Devi, Principal, VKNRL School of Nursing. A valuable lecture session was provided by the chief guest of the event on youth empowerment, its importance and various ways to build the youths of the nations. The lecture session was ended at 12 am.

A debate competition was arranged in the afternoon hours between the students from nearby schools and students from SankardevSishuVidyaNiketan, Telgaram stood 1st and 2nd rank in the competition. The programme was ended with Kendra Prarthana and it was a great success.


Saraswati Puja (29/01/2020): Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge wisdom, arts, aesthetics, literature, music and sciences, Worshiping SaraswatiMaa has been a long way tradition in Indian culture. Thus, keeping the tradition alive, VKNRL School of Nursing celebrated Saraswati puja on 29th January 2020. Students, Faculties and Staff paid floral obeisance to the idol of goddess Saraswati and seek her blessings for future endeavours.

Colourful rangoli and flowers decorated all over building emitting positives vibes, the beautiful idol of Saraswatimaa draped in yellow saree and with Bina on her hand was the most beautiful glance of the day. Puja was started at 10 am, with chanting of slokas and mantras, with an attempt to impart a sense of respect towards long-established traditions.
The celebration came to a close with the distribution of ‘Prasad’ and ‘bhog’ among the guest, students and employees of the School.

Women’s Day (08.03.2020): The International Women’s Day is celebrated at VKNRL School of Nursing on 8th March as a sign of social, economic, cultural and political accomplishment of women.

The meeting was started with felicitation of the chief guest, Mrs Bulu Das, Secretary PonkaGaonPanchayat, Numaligarh followed by lamp lighting with teen omkar&mangalacharan. Principal Mrs.Kabita Devi delivered her welcome address to the audience which was comprised of women from local areas, students and employees of the school. The Chief Guest enlightened us by delivering a valuable speech on women empowerment, she also talked about her struggles and barriers that have been faced in empowering her selves, as well as Mrs Das, also introduced the audience to newly develop govt. schemes which will be helpful to women’s of various age groups to empower themselves. An “Art & Craft” competition was also arranged by students to showcase their talents and motivate the audience to make beneficial use and to enhance productivity with creativity by using waste products. Students also performed a skit based on women empowerment. VKNRL School of Nursing highly believes in women empowerment as the school has itself been established to empower the meritorious girls who wanted to pursue higher education and render service to society.

The meeting was ended up at 4.30 pm in the afternoon with a shanty path and distributed tea & snacks. The programme was a huge success.

World Environment  Day (05.06.2020): In the mid of Covid 19 pandemic students of VKNRL school of Nursing observed the World Environment Day 2020 with the theme 'Celebrate Biodiversity', and Biodiversity is important for the survival of all living things big and small, on land, or in water…


International Yoga Day (21.06.2020): Since its inception in the year 2015, June 21st is being celebrated as “International Day of Yoga” all over the world. The theme of yoga day for 2020 was “Yoga forHealth, Yoga at Home”.


Due to COVID -19 pandemic, this year yoga day is celebrated in respective homes as it was impossible to go out and do yoga with mass, however, it was celebrated in the home with the same zeal and enthusiasm as celebrated before. The students of VKNRL School of Nursing celebrated International Yoga Day via virtual mode and presented a video clip on loosening, yoga asanas, Suryanamaskar and pranayama with the description of their benefits related to health and spirituality which was uploaded into our school Facebook page and YouTube channel so that it can be easily accessible for the mass. The principal of the School, students were highly appreciated for their effort.


YouTube link for yoga day celebration is:


Guru Purnima (05.07.2020): Guru Purnima, one of the most auspicious Hindu festival celebrated on the full moon day in the month of “Ashadha”, a day when disciples pay respect to their gurus. This year, due to COVID-19 situation, all celebrations & observations have been organized via virtual mode, by keeping the government protocol VKNRL School of Nursing observed Guru Purnima through virtual mode on 5thJuly 2020.  Our students created an audio-video aidstatingdefinition, importance, different aspects of Guru Purnima; it was a beautiful and well prepared A-V aid and was also uploaded on the Facebook page of the School. Simultaneously, they also showed their faith, respect and love towards their teachers with lamp lighting and giving beautiful speeches on the occasion. The principal of the school offered her love and encouraged the students with her most enthusiastic words.       



Universal Brotherhood Day (11.09.2020): VKNRL School of Nursing observed “Universal brotherhood day” on 11th September 2020 to commemorate the soul-striving speech made by Swami Vivekananda in the world parliament of religions, Chicago in 1893. Swami Ji’s speech is considered to be a turning point for the world parliament of religions as it made the concept of tolerance and acceptance towards other religion more comprehensive and real.

With COVID-19 pandemic, the government has converted many schools and colleges into Covad Care Centre in order to fight against the deadly disease, Our school has also been converted into COVID Care Centre, Thus, the VKNRL family celebrated universally brotherhood day at their place along with their friends & family members through virtual mode and all the student put enormous effort and made an audio-video the clip, a way to immortalize acclaim towards swami Vivekananda and his powerful speech of Chicago.  Students were highly appreciated for their wonderful exertion and support.

YouTube link for Universal Brotherhood Day is: